22 Makeup Facts That Are Totally And Undeniably True

    The only nudes worth getting are labelled MAC.

    1. This is the best kind of orgasm:

    2. Everyone has these days:

    3. They're all completely different:

    4. These are the best kind of nudes to receive:

    5. This is what the end of a day wearing "no makeup" makeup looks like:

    6. And this is the only dabbing worth knowing about:

    7. The first time you try to follow a YouTube tutorial is always the hardest:

    8. There's never been a more iconic makeup carrier:

    9. Fake lashes will always turn up where you least expect them:

    10. There's nothing worse than hitting the pan:

    11. Except this:

    12. Oh, and this:

    13. Organisation is key:

    14. There isn't much that's sad enough to warrant ruining fresh makeup:

    15. There is no greater fear than this:

    16. This is how you know you've spent your time in Sephora well:

    17. And this is the only good reason to answer a knock at the door:

    18. To highlight well is to have magic powers:

    19. Nobody should be encouraging this:

    20. Finally finding that perfect base can be ~arousing~:

    21. It's important to find you a man that does neither:

    22. And brows really fucking matter: