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    10 Hair Hacks To Get You Through Every Rainy Day

    Because you will get through this. Just stay strong.

    1. Moisture is the essence of wetness. It is also your enemy - so avoid it at all costs.

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    Oh, rain. Again? Cool.

    As anyone with hair and a working umbrella would already know, it isn't always rain drops that ruin everything your hair has going on. Nope. Instead, it's often the moisture in the air. This fun, bonus moisture can change the texture of your hair in minutes, says celebrity hairstylist, Anthony Nader.

    "Once you have damp or wet hair, your style is going to collapse and you'll be stuck with that flat shape all day," Nader says.

    To avoid spending the next 24 hours in literal hair hell, limit your time outside, as well as your time in the rain. If you've been waiting for an excuse to go into hibernation, this is it.

    2. Dry your hair. And dry it properly.


    Before you step out the door.

    While a quick blast dry is fine for a day of joy and sunshine, when you're trying to live your life in the most miserable of climates, you need to make sure you're leaving no strand damp from the start. That is, unless you're a big time fan of frizz.

    Which nobody is, right?


    3. Go easy on the product.


    Besides ruining the days of everyday people, humidity is also responsible for making your products act in a completely different way. What may usually be a completely reasonable amount of serum will take you straight to Shine-Town. Not in a good way.

    A light coating of hairspray, however, will help tame pesky flyaway hairs that just want to go dancing in the wind.

    4. If you opt for anything, go for Sea Salt Spray. Because it's like fighting water with water.

    Rainy day hair. Its all about sea salt sprays!

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    Rainy day hair. Its all about sea salt sprays!

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    5. Now is the time for top knots.


    Normally touted as a Lazy Girl's style staple, in the rain, the top knot becomes everyone's go-to. Impossible to ruin, perfect with flyaways, this clever bun is here to save the day - one soaked strand at a time.

    6. Reach for your straightening iron - even if you don't usually.

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    Even if you don't normally straighten your hair, but want to wear it out and less-than-wild, an iron will be your friend today.

    If you're a big fan of the straight and wouldn't want your hair looking anything else, Nader suggests applying a silicone-based straightening lotion before styling, to coat the hair shaft, protecting it from all that moisture in the air.

    7. Or, curl your hair before the weather does.


    If you know your hair is going to wave no matter what, beat that rain to the punch and set your curls before the air does.

    Using a heated tong to define your own curls will leave you less susceptible to unintentional frizz.

    8. Keep your braids sleek and smooth instead of messy.

    9. The curlier your hair, the tighter your braid should be.

    10. Avoid brushes and choose a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

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    If the worst happens and you get stuck without an umbrella - because you've left it at home or just witnessed it be carried into the distance by an unforgiving gale - the only thing you can do is look out for Future You.

    Well, Future You's hair, anyway.

    When you find yourself with wet, knotted hair, make sure you stay away from your usual hair brush and choose a wide-tooth comb instead. Opting for a fine-tooth comb or bristle brush will cause breakage to your hair, which will haunt you way longer than this miserable day.

    Goodluck out there.

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    And remember: this too shall pass.

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