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    10 Hair Hacks To Get You Through Every Rainy Day

    Because you will get through this. Just stay strong.

    1. Moisture is the essence of wetness. It is also your enemy - so avoid it at all costs.

    2. Dry your hair. And dry it properly.

    3. Go easy on the product.

    4. If you opt for anything, go for Sea Salt Spray. Because it's like fighting water with water.

    Rainy day hair. Its all about sea salt sprays!

    Alex LaMarsh@alexlamarshFollow

    Rainy day hair. Its all about sea salt sprays!

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    5. Now is the time for top knots.

    6. Reach for your straightening iron - even if you don't usually.

    7. Or, curl your hair before the weather does.

    8. Keep your braids sleek and smooth instead of messy.

    9. The curlier your hair, the tighter your braid should be.

    10. Avoid brushes and choose a wide-tooth comb to detangle.

    Goodluck out there.