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24 Beautiful Australian Tattoos You Definitely Wouldn't Regret

Not a Southern Cross or flag in sight.

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1. These perfectly detailed eucalyptus leaves.

2. This pretty bouquet of native flowers.

3. This delicate ode to Australia's perfect waves.

6. This cute little echidna.

7. And this shark that's swimming free.

8. This boozy badass koala.

9. And this brilliantly pastel-shaded one.

10. These sweet native blossoms.

11. And these that are almost identical to the real thing.

12. This magic little possum.

13. And this grey kookaburra.

14. This flawless dot masterpiece.

15. This symbol of appreciation for Melbourne.

16. And this one for glorious Sydney.

17. This charming red wattlebird.

18. This floral work of art.

19. This lonely gumnut baby.

20. And these cute gumnuts too.

22. And this pretty one with an equally pretty bow.

23. This finely-drawn jellyfish.

24. And this national treasure.

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