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21 Style Lessons We Learnt From Tavi Gevinson On Instagram

Pass the glitter.

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1. When possible, always match your outfit to your home decor.

2. And to your book cover when reading outside.

3. Glitter actually makes everything better. Especially burning candles.

4. Always channel your inner girl scout.

5. And memorialise every good hair day with a bathroom selfie.

6. Always add a badge. Or two?

7. Or some Zach Galifianakis faces.

8. Remember there's nothing wrong with a touch of pink.

9. Or a band-aid, when teamed with a badass stance.

10. Matchy-match with your friends when possible.

11. And always pop a poppin' collar.

12. Make sure your bedroom is a place which motivates.

13. And is a place suitable of housing your most precious belongings.

14. Consistently accessorise according to which Powerpuff Girl you're feeling most like each morning.

15. Ignore any beauty ~expert~ who says you shouldn't wear lip and eye colour at the same time.

16. Always make the most of a good mirror installation when presented with one.

17. Never be afraid to embrace selfies and the appropriate emojis.

18. Make the most of every pretty wall you stumble upon.

19. Embrace the flat-lay. (Especially those that involve rollerskates.)

20. No matter what you wear/read/be/do always stay wild at heart.

21. And most importantly, always stay warm.