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24 Very Real Struggles For Everyone Who Wants Perfect Eyelashes

"Can't get my lashes on. I'm not coming."

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1. When you apply one too many swipes of mascara, and fuck everything up.

2. When you make the mistake of trying out fibre mascara.

Give us our money back.

3. When you learn from your mistakes, and look pityingly upon those yet to educate themselves.

4. When your allergies ruin your morning.

5. And when that itch gets the better of you.

6. When you complete your cleansing routine, and feel so free.

7. When you draw your attention away from your lash line for a second, and witness what you have become.

8. When you're getting ready, and feeling frustrated AF.

9. When you step out without mascara or lashes, and acknowledge that you are completely unrecognisable.

11. When you perfect that bronze smokey eye, and life takes a downhill turn.

12. And when you hit the life jackpot, and that ~lash praise~ starts coming.

13. When you start managing your mascara expectations.

14. When your mascara forces you to hold it together until you get home.

15. When you get in the shower and remember you left your make-up remover on the basin.

16. When you accidentally get a bit heavy-handed with that curler.

17. When you walk into your bathroom in the morning, and scare the shit out of yourself.

18. When you have your favourite false lashes ready to go, but have nothing to stick them to your face with.

19. Or when you do have glue, but stupidly forget to throw it in your handbag before you walk out the door.


20. When you see girls who really should have trimmed before they glued.

21. When you are blinded while wearing your glasses.

22. When bae tries to have a conversation with you while you're putting your face on.

23. When you realise you're probably never going to own your own home.

24. And when you realise you may never truly meet your lash goals, but promise yourself that you will never, ever stop trying.