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    23 Photos That Prove Australians Would Probably Die For Their Tinnies

    Seriously. They love it.

    1. These Christmas tree decorations.

    2. And this tree made of cans.

    3. This suit of armour.

    4. This green smoothie.

    5. This innovative and recyclable bib.

    6. This Mother's Day gift.

    7. This work of art.

    8. This hair cut.

    9. This advent calendar.

    10. This car.

    11. This smart thinking.

    12. This optical illusion.

    13. These cricket stumps.

    14. This wedding photo.

    15. This insane cake.

    16. And this one, too.

    17. These costumes.

    18. This feature wall.

    19. This face swap.

    20. This welcome addition to the shower.

    21. This wishful thinking.

    22. This homemade arcade game.

    23. And, well, this.

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