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7 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Fine Tattoo

They're mighty fine.

Lauren Winzer is a 27-year-old Australian tattoo artist, based at Hunter and Fox Tattoo in Beaconsfield. She's flawless, fierce, and knows her shit, which is why she's the perfect person to tell you all about delicate tattoos.

Instagram: @laurenwinzer

"The delicate, fine tattoo is really popular right now because the style has opened up a greater audience for tattoos," she told BuzzFeed Life. "So many more people are being tattooed because they now realise they don't have to get something huge."

1. First thing's first: It's important to know that all tattoo artists can work with fine lines, but not all do.

"There's a bit more risk with smaller lines because there's less space for correcting," says Winzer. "But it's the same fundamental principals as any other tattoos. You need to be precise and steady."

2. While all tattoos ~technically~ last forever, delicate tattoos may be more likely to change.

"It really depends on the person, but as skin moves, stretches, and grows, finer tattoos can become harder to read in time," says Winzer.

3. You can get a delicate tattoo anywhere on your body.

4. But do note it can be best to go for a bigger, less detailed design when you're working with "stretchy skin" as it's more likely to look good for longer.

The same goes for the skin on your ribs or fingers, as these areas do a lot of moving.

5. Delicate tattoos may take a bit longer than usual as they're more fiddly.

But that extra time in the studio will always be worth it in the end.

6. You might experience less pain than you would getting a thicker tattoo.

"They tend to hurt a little less for the most part because the grouping of needles is much smaller," says Winzer. "That said, I've definitely had a few fine ones that hurt just a much as a traditional tattoo."

7. And finally, delicate tattoos are pretty AF.

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