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    17 Times Beauty Blogger Lauren Curtis Understood Your Make-Up Addiction

    When your favourite product is sold out and you're frustrated AF.

    1. When she experienced the literal pain that comes with cooking while wearing make-up.

    2. When she shared this mascara struggle you know all too well.

    3. When her favourite beauty product was sold out, and you knew how she felt.

    4. When you too connected with this bronzer confusion on a spiritual level.

    5. When you felt bonded by the pain of a ponytail.

    6. When you found solace in the fact that she starts her make-up routine the same way you do, whether she's on camera or not.

    7. When you found out she dresses just like you do when you're getting your face on.

    8. When she shared her beauty survival ways with this panty liner lash tint tip.

    9. When she posted this, and it hit way too close to home.

    10. When you realised you're not the only one that makes the most of good selfie lighting - no matter how awkward a place it is.

    11. When she got your eyeliner issues...

    12. ...even though hers is always on point.

    13. When she acknowledged your problem with so many ~no make-up~ tutorials.

    14. And understood how hard it is being a broke beauty addict in Australia.

    15. When she knew the happiness that comes with a good brow day.

    16. When she got that sometimes, desperate fake tan times call for desperate measures.

    17. And when she understood that a good make-up free selfie is just as important as the best it-took-me-two-hours-to-get-ready one.

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