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Posted on 29 Feb 2016

Kylie Jenner Tried To Trademark Her Name And Kylie Minogue Went In

Queen Kylie Minogue just totally dragged the "secondary reality television personality".

Kylie Jenner. You've heard of her, right? Sure. Of course you have. In the world of celebrities she's a pretty ~big deal~.

King Kylie does a lot of pretty wild shit. But her latest endeavor, an attempt to trademark the name "Kylie" in the US, is getting her on the wrong side of royalty.


And by the wrong side of royalty, we mean the wrong side of Kylie Minogue, the true queen of Australia.

Andy Buchanan / Getty Images


In a notice of opposition filed against Jenner's trademark application, Minogue's legal representatives threw some serious shade.

Not only did they bring up Jenner's controversial cultural appropriation and that Interview magazine shoot, they also referred to her as a "secondary reality television personality". Ooft.

Minogue's opposition also noted the fact that the OG Kylie has record sales of over 80 million and already owns the domain

Go πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ Kylie πŸ‘.

And as Minogue recently pointed out on Twitter, Jenner just ain't the only person around this town named Kylie.

Twitter: @kylieminogue


The real lesson here: Don't mess with Queen Kylie Minogue.

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