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    Posted on 13 Oct 2015

    17 Cool And Clever Ways To Show Your Unwavering Devotion To Kale

    "I'm so crazy for you. It kales me."

    1. Get a kale tattoo.

    2. Wear this shirt that says kale instead of Yale.

    3. Publicly complain about the lack of kale emoji.

    4. Buy ALL the kale at your local grocer, leaving none for less devoted lovers.

    5. Wear this necklace.

    6. Fill a vase with kale when you're expecting guests.

    7. Post daily pictures of your kale-icious lunches.

    8. Take this spoon to work and ~accidentally~ leave it somewhere all your coworkers will see.

    9. Take a selfie with some kale.

    10. Make a kale sandwich and offer it to your friends.

    11. Decorate your home with cushions that encourage others to join you.

    12. Hang this print in your kitchen.

    13. And this one above your bed.

    14. Buy your best friend this for their next birthday, whether they like kale or not.

    15. Run really fast while wearing this.

    16. Take this bag along with you when shopping for kale.

    17. And give this card to that hottie you keep ~bumping~ into in the whole foods section.

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