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    The World's First Astrology-Themed Hotel Just Opened In Sydney

    It's actually not as kooky as you'd expect.

    If you fucking love astrology, hold onto your horoscopes because you're going to be really into this hotel that just opened in Sydney, Australia.

    Nikki To

    The Ultimo is a newly-opened ~boutique hotel~ located in Haymarket.

    On first inspection, The Ultimo appears as a normal-but-cool hotel, complete with newly-refurbished rooms and Instagram-worthy bathrooms.

    The Ultimo, @limlucy93 / Via

    And it can be that if you want: just a regular hotel with a damn good aesthetic. It can also be a real treat for anyone who is interested in astrology.

    When booking a room at The Ultimo you can choose to add on a "Star Chart" or "Off The Chart" package. And that's where the star sign fun begins.

    Gyan Yankovich

    Both packages will help you tailor your stay according to your star sign. Included is a a moon calendar, personalised pair of slippers, and star chart that has details on your sign, as well as Sydney restaurant and activity recommendations.

    "We wanted a way to help our guests see their visit to Sydney through new eyes, in a very personal way. It certainly doesn’t get more personal than aligning this with your star sign," general manager Scott Harley told BuzzFeed.

    If you choose the "Off The Chart" package, you get even more astrological goodness with a one-hour Stars Like You astrology reading. This was the package I opted for and let me tell you: I loved it. Beyond learning more about being a Pisces, I learned about my moon sign and rising sign. It all made a hell of a lot of sense. Skeptics, don't @ me.

    Rooms with the astrology packages start at $229, and there are also rooms in the hotel that are animal-friendly.

    The Ultimo

    A night away with a pet is honestly the dream.

    But it's the magic little touches that make a night in this hotel feel special, like these delightful door hangers.

    The Ultimo, Gyan Yankovich

    And the canisters of tea that sit in the foyer, ready to give you exactly what your sign needs.

    Gyan Yankovich

    Astrology ain't for everyone, but if there was something to spin the opinions of the stars' biggest non-believers, it would have to be a night at The Ultimo.

    The Ultimo

    "When you look at astrology as 6000 years of patterns, the science around is it truly amazing and I get more and more caught up in it every day," said Harley.

    And honestly, after staying there, same.

    Accommodation at The Ultimo was provided to BuzzFeed for review free of charge.

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