It Seems "Aquarium Nails" Might Be The Next Big Manicure Trend

    You just add water. Kind of.

    Hot on the trail of the bubble trend are "aquarium nails", which - thank god - do not have anything to do with fish.

    While this beauty trend isn't brand new, it's been given new life after going viral on the Facebook page of Vietnamese talk show 2! Idol.

    Facebook: video.php

    The video of the masterpiece - by Tony's Nails in Wichita Falls, Texas - has now been viewed over 24 million times.

    Essentially, ~aquarium~ nails are made when a double-paned acrylic is injected with baby oil and a whole lot of glitter.

    This look can add a hint of mermaid to an otherwise subtle-but-glamourous manicure.

    Or it can take you FULL MERMAID.

    Or you can stick to that complete glamour look, with your aquatic element only upping the ante.

    And if you love it so much you want to try it yourself at home... Good luck!

    View this video on YouTube

    (But maybe book a salon appointment as a back-up.)