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    16 Things That Are Actually Really Weird About American High Schools

    Prom, pep rallies, and the fact that most of you didn't have to wear a uniform.

    1. That high school only lasts for four years.

    2. That most American high schools don't require students to wear a uniform.

    3. That prom is something that happens IRL and not just in TV shows and movies.

    4. And that homecoming is also a real thing????

    5. That you get to have your own locker at school.

    6. And have locker rooms where everyone just gets changed in front of one another.

    7. That you have a cafeteria with proper tables, chairs, and hot lunch.

    8. That high school sports — especially football — are such a bloody big deal.

    9. And that bleachers exist in schools to house the many sports spectators.

    10. That cheerleading and pep rallies are a real thing you got to watch and/or be part of.

    11. That you drink out of these iconic red cups at house parties.

    12. That summer break goes for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS.

    13. That your school buses are all bright yellow.

    14. That high schools hold talent shows and students actually participate.

    15. And that you wear a goddamn cap and gown when you graduate from high school!!!!!