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    These Cakes That Look Like Soft Drink Bottles Are Really Damn Cool

    Lemonade has never looked so good.

    Sydney baker Andres Fatso makes a ton of cute desserts, but none are quite as cool as her soda cakes.

    @bakedbyandres / Via

    Seriously, these are actual cakes. The Sprite cake is matcha flavour, the Fanta cake tastes like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the Coca-Cola cake is Nutella flavour.

    Inside, they all look like this.

    @bakedbyandres / Via

    Check out those layers, would you?

    To create the cakes, Andres bakes the inside layers separately, while making the outside chocolate layer in a mould made from a plastic drink bottle cut in half.

    Each cake takes around six hours to make, Andres told BuzzFeed Life.

    @bakedbyandres / Via

    But honestly, that time is so, so worth it.