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Here's What Everyone Ate This Australia Day

Naturally, there were a lot of snags.

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For some Australians, January 26 was a day of baking, icing, and sprinkling.

For others, it was a matter of arranging some store-bought goodies into something bloody beautiful.

The classic sausage sizzle was, and always will be, an Australia Day staple.

There were plenty of plates of fresh fairy bread.

And some took their celebratory creations to the next level.

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While others continued to ignore the fact pavlova is ~technically~ from New Zealand.

Lamb was enjoyed.

And fresh figs were too.

For many people their Australia Day diet meant dips, cheese, and crackers.

And of course, the heating up of the BBQ.

Sausages hung out with lamb chops.

And Aussies proved once again they're extremely experimental when it comes to grilling.

Because everyone knows that anything tastes good when it's tossed on the barbie.

Even that packet of party pies.

All of which ended up looking like this.

People mixed seafood like it had never been mixed before.

And tossed it in salads with Australia's favourite summer fruit.

People tried their best to make Pinterest-worthy treats.

And of course, there were a lot of prawns (NOT SHRIMP) chucked on barbies across the country.

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