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    16 Questions Everyone At Splendour Is Definitely Going To Ask

    "Front left?"

    1. "Should we meet at the front left of the stage?"

    @splendourinthegrass / Via

    Honestly, no matter what the answer is to this question, your friends will never actually be at the front left-hand side of the stage.

    2. "What the hell is that person over there wearing?"

    @ironchefdonichi / Via

    From culturally offensive accessories to bread hats, you know you'll see it all.

    3. "How is there mud literally inside my tent?"

    @melissap_1984 / Via

    You'll be totally stunned because you will assume tents are supposed to keep the mud out. Alas, that does not mean they do.

    4. "Has anyone seen my thongs?"

    @jamfestival / Via

    Naturally, they'll be missing right before you need them for a shower.

    5. "Can I borrow a baby wipe?"

    Gyan Yankovich

    You'll say borrow, even though you have no intention of handing it back to your friend filthy.

    6. "Did you expect to go through your cash this fast?"

    @bangdaddy_ / Via

    You'll eventually wrap your head around it and leave low-key broke.

    7. "Where the hell's that something-McWhatever tent again?"

    Kristian Peacoake / Via Flickr: kristianp

    It ain't easy finding your way around on day one.

    8. "Does anyone have a phone charger I could borrow?"

    @a_makowski / Via

    No matter how prepared you are, something will always go wrong with the goddamn chargers.

    9. "Is it too early to start drinking?"

    @slater_bug_xox / Via

    Answer: Yeah, nah.

    10. "Do you think I could get away with not washing my hair again today?"

    @thed4rkestrose / Via

    Dry shampoo is the only answer.

    11. "Did that guy just jump in the mud? Is he crazy?"

    @teepeelife / Via

    Crazy or just super cooked.

    12. "Honestly, why the hell are there so many timetable clashes?"

    Gyan Yankovich

    There's always one big miss that will break your heart.

    13. "Do you reckon this wristband will completely cut off my circulation by Monday?"

    @er1n_k / Via

    You will actually wonder if the person that strapped it on has a personal vendetta against you.

    14. "Does anyone else need to go to the toilet?"

    @ohmelyou / Via

    You won't want to wait in that 45-minute long line alone.

    15. "Does anyone have chewy?"

    @andrew_martin228 / Via

    This question may or may not be followed with: "Is it gross if I just chew gum instead of brushing my teeth tonight?"

    16. "Can you think of anything worse than having to pack up the campsite right now?"

    @jazaa123 / Via

    Yeah, nah.

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