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    16 Things You Should Definitely Buy Before Splendour In The Grass

    Trust us.

    All prices in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

    1. Solar-powered fairy lights to decorate your tent or outdoor gazebo with.

    These ones are $10.90 from Bunnings.

    2. A refillable drink bottle to keep by your bed.

    This insanely festival-appropriate one is $12.99 from Typo.

    3. And something to help aid hydration after days of drinking.

    @hydralyte / Via

    These soluble Hydralyte tablets are $12.79 from Priceline.

    4. A light-up phone case for iconic night selfies.

    @taylahlangley / Via

    The Halo Case is $49.95 from JB Hi-Fi.

    5. A solar-powered phone charger, so you can recharge each morning without plugging into a car or charging station.

    These $35 chargers from Illumination Solar will charge your phone to 80% in less than three hours.

    6. A pair of gumboots that you don't totally hate.

    Asos have cute options between $23.50 and $271.

    7. And a rain coat you'd be happy to potentially live in for three days.

    This one is $98 from Asos.

    8. Ear plugs to block out the world when you finally get back to your tent.


    Be smart and invest in a few pairs, just in case some go missing.

    9. An eye mask to keep the morning light away from your eyes when you desperately need rest after a big night.

    This one is $6.99 from Typo.

    10. A microfibre towel that's fast-drying and easy to pack.

    This one is $14.99 from BCF.

    11. A headlight. Honestly, they're so handy when you need both hands to find something in the dark.

    This one is $4 from Kmart.

    12. A mallet to help you get those tent pegs right into the ground.

    This one is $13.98 from Bunnings.

    13. Foam floor mats for inside and outside your tent.

    You can get four tiles for $12 at Kmart.

    14. Garbage bags to put wet clothes and muddy gumboots in when you're packing up to go home.


    Everyone will be asking if you have any spares.

    15. A portable air pump, to get that air mattress inflated fast.

    This rechargable one is $25 from Kmart.

    16. And a key ring you're not going to lose in your tent. You don't want to accidentally misplace your car keys at any stage so the bigger the better.

    This one is $1 from Supre.

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