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16 Really Fucking Easy Ways To Use Less Plastic

You don't have to do them all every day, but every little effort makes a difference.

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1. Get used to drinking without a straw.

It's totally fine if stainless steel straws don't seem like your thing, because you can just say "no" to getting a straw with your drink. It'll taste the same.

2. Quit using Q-tips.

Yes, they're great to poke inside your ears (even though you're not supposed to do that) and fix up smudged eyeliner, but they're also a pretty unnecessary waste of plastic.

3. Buy or make some beeswax wraps.

These are an incredible alternative to plastic wrap and will keep your food just as fresh.

4. Avoid getting a receipt when you can.

Some receipts are coated in a thin layer of plastic that makes them unrecyclable.

5. When shopping, don't use plastic bags in the fresh fruit section or at the checkout.

6. If you really need a bag, grab one of the paper bags that are designed for mushrooms.

These are great for loose-leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and other fruit and veg you don't want rolling around your trolley.

7. Get your bread from a bakery.

Bakeries often put their loaves into paper bags rather than stuffing them inside plastic.

8. If you use tampons, try switching to a silicon menstrual cup to avoid monthly plastic waste.

JuJu cups are available in Australia for $55.

9. Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors if you shave.

10. Preference takeaway options with sustainable packaging.

Zambrero, for example, use completely carbon-neutral, sustainable packaging.

11. If you're getting food delivered to your house, let the restaurant know you won't be needing cutlery.

Plastic forks are shit to eat with anyway tbh.

12. Buy soap that's sold without any packaging.

13. And look for beauty brands that do their best to remain sustainable.

New Zealand-based brand Ethique sells a range of solid beauty bars to use on your skin and hair.

14. Basically, when you buy anything for you or your house, see if there's a version that isn't wrapped in plastic.

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is delivered plastic-free and donates half its profits to organisations that improve sanitation in developing countries.

15. Get a reusable coffee cup and actually use it.

This one from Stojo is collapsable so it won't even take up much room in your bag. Get one here for $19.95.

16. And, finally, stop buying bottled water.

Take your own bottle or grab a glass, then hit up the nearest tap.