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Where Do You Put The Clothes You've Worn Once But Aren't Dirty?

You know, like sweaters, jeans, and pajamas.

OK, so, I need to talk about this thing that I've been thinking about for months — it's to do with clothes.

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More specifically, clothes that you've worn once — maybe even twice — but that aren't actually dirty. I'm talking about jeans, sweaters, pajamas — you know, the things that don't really need to be washed after one wear?

What I want to know is: where do you keep these clothing items after their first wear?

Do you just throw them on the floor, ready to be picked up when needed?

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

(This is a safe space, you can tell me!)

Or do you reserve exclusive space on the chair for such items?

@piopico_ / Via

Maybe you go to the effort of properly putting away your things in your closest, back in place with your totally-clean clothes?

Paramount Pictures / Via

Or, you know, maybe you think I'm gross for even suggesting that people wear things more than once before washing them.

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  1. Tell us: Where do you put your clothes you've worn once but aren't dirty?

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Tell us: Where do you put your clothes you've worn once but aren't dirty?
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    Back into a drawer or my closet with my other clean clothes.
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    My bedroom floor.
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    A chair in my bedroom.
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    I wash all of my clothes after one wear, so into the dirty clothes hamper.
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    I put them somewhere else and I'll explain in the comments.

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