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    16 Australian Etsy Stores That Are Almost Too Cute For Words

    Cute shit comin' your way.

    All prices in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

    1. Yellow Tree Store

    From Nicolas Cage cushions ($39.95) to wacky ceramics, these handmade gifts are seriously wild and insanely pretty.

    2. Ellxssa

    You'll love all of these tiny polymer clay creations, but you'll especially love these fairy bread earrings that only cost $9.10.

    3. Minky Moo Ceramics

    Who knew ceramics could be so bloody cute? Prices range from $14 to $109.

    4. Whistleburg

    Based in Perth, shop owner Renee Milia makes adorable brooches, pins, and collar clips. Prices start at $12.

    5. Min Pin

    These "terror Australis" prints ($30) and tea towels ($40) prove that our creatures are just as good looking as they are deadly.

    6. Alexis Winter

    Alexis' pins and brooches are $15 each and are so damn good.

    7. Doops Designs

    These cactus magnets are $16 and will make your fridge look better than ever.

    8. Kingston Jewellery

    If you're a fan of statement jewelry, there's a very high chance you'll love this shop's offering. Prices range from $20 to $62.

    9. Papered Thoughts

    These painted rocks will inspire the hell out of you. A pack of 12 mini rocks will set you back $30.

    10. MiGoals

    This shop specialises in stationary with diaries, notebooks, and planners. Prices range from $4.95 to $24.95.

    11. Esther Sandler

    These sticker sets are only $4 each. Wild.

    12. Frill and Frank

    There's no arguing with the fact that tassels are both fun and pretty. These hand-made ones cost between $20 and $64, and would make great gifts.

    13. Wombat's Picnic

    These felt biscuits will take every Australian kid's tea party to the next level. The $40 set is made to order.

    14. Mima Workshop

    These ceramic trinket holders are pretty as. Prices range from $20 to $42.

    15. Scout Gathers

    These macrame plant hangers start at $30, with the largest designs costing up to $130.

    16. Carmen Hui

    This Sydney-based illustrator sells art prints and does custom illustrations. These pretty Australian prints cost $30 each.