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    This Guy's Making Insane Chocolate Kebabs In Perth


    It is a truth universally acknowledged that kebabs are damn tasty. But what could be better than your standard tabouli-stuffed, hummus-slathered midnight snack? A chocolate kebab, obviously.

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    Lucky for the residents of Perth, Happy Larry's Chocolate Kebab Shop has just opened to make everyone's chocolatey dreams come true.

    For anyone confused about what actually constitutes a chocolate kebab, here's the deal:

    Facebook: 107864642967770

    Add chocolate shavings, award-winning gelato, cream, and toppings of choice to a freshly-made crepe. Wrap it all up and there you go.

    Owner Ned Russell told BuzzFeed he came up with the idea to open the shop in January. From there, it's been a total whirlwind.

    Facebook: 107864642967770

    "I've never done anything like this before," he said, explaining that he used to work in telecommunications. "It's my passion now. I'm looking at places to expand in Perth. You've got to look to the future."

    And if you're not convinced yet, would you just look at this chocolate snack pack - also known as a chocolate kebab for two.

    Facebook: 107864642967770

    What a time to live in Perth.

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