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44 Questions Everyone In Sydney Have For People Who Live In NYC

Are you in a constant ~empire state of mind~?

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1. How do you feel about the fact your city is on pretty much everyone's bucket list?


Do you think it's lame? Or is it the biggest compliment ever?

2. Do all your houses have iconic stoops?


Another question: Do you know that not everyone in the world has stoops?

3. Do you ever dress up all ~glamourous~ just to walk down the street?


Because honestly, 99% of Sydneysiders just wear workout clothes to brunch.

4. After you pay rent, can you even afford to live?


Because we can't.

5. Are you ever worried that you'll get mugged if you leave your apartment?


Or is it, like, just an inevitable thing?

6. Is everyone in NYC actually super pessimistic all the time?


Or is everyone just pretending to hate their lives?

7. Is it impossible to ~find love~ in NYC?


Is everyone there single or what?

8. Or is your life a revolving door of romantic interests?


We need to know.

9. Have you had a life altering conversation in the back of a cab?


Or have you put some one in, as a dramatic farewell gesture?

10. Have you ever seen someone masturbating on public transport?


Is that something that happens often?

11. Do you have good clubs that are actually good for people over 18?


Because our ~nightlife~ is pretty much dead and it's making the world less fun tbh.

12. Do you ever get a good night's sleep, or is it way too noisy all the time?


Basically, can you get to sleep in the city that never sleeps?

13. Do you ever worry that you're not getting enough fresh air?


Are you jealous of our ocean breeze?

14. Are your ~summer heat~ complaints actually warranted?

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Or do you guys just have no idea what a hot summer is actually like?

15. Do you guys hate LA? Or do you just think you're superior?

Screen Gems

Like we know Sydney is better than Melbourne?

16. Are New York socialites a real thing?


Or are they just people with lots of Instagram followers, like in Sydney?

17. Have you ever been personally victimised by a fast food vendor?


Have you ever been banned from soup?

18. Does everyone in NYC see a therapist?

Warner Bros.

Because ~stress~?

19. Is New Year's Eve actually as big a deal to you guys as the movies make out?

Castle Rock Entertainment

Have you ever raced across town in a cab to see in the new year with someone?

20. Can you imagine living in a world where the cabs aren't yellow?

And do you feel weird when you see tourists taking photos of your taxis?

21. Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of cool things to do in NYC?


Because tbh some weekends it feels like there's nothing worth getting a bus for in Sydney.

22. Does your whole life revolve around work?


Do you live to work, or work to live, or work so hard you have no time for these stupid questions?

23. Are pigeons your version of cockroaches?


As in, they're super gross and literally everywhere?

24. Are you friends with the people in your apartment building?


Or do you just have hilarious nicknames for them?

25. Do you ever think about the fact the whole world loves songs about your city?

Roc-A-Fella Records

Because we definitely get depressed that Sydney only ever features in Aussie hip hop.

26. Why does your rain smell so bad?


But seriously, why?

27. Do you feel safe walking around at night?


Or are you too scared of murders?

28. Do you have the best (and also worst) dating stories?


Like, is anyone still with their high school sweetheart in your city?

29. Is Christmas in NYC as amazing as we imagine it to be?

New Line Cinema

Is it as good as it is in the movies?

30. Is there a wise-cracking gang of lovable pre-teens that hang in your street?


Or something a little less specific?

31. What about a token grumpy old man?

TriStar Pictures

Most likely found yelling at the youths.

32. Is it hard trying to climb the corporate ladder when there are so many people trying to climb it faster than you?

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Did you have to intern for five years to get a job?

33. Is getting hit by a cab one of your biggest fears?


34. Can you imagine living in a city where the streets weren't numbered?

Lions Gate Films

Because you shouldn't. Because it's the worst.

35. Do you just get food delivered for every single meal?

We know we would if we could.

36. Have you ever dated someone with a private driver?


Did they always happen to turn up when you were walking home alone? Were you actually really creeped out?

37. Do you go out every single night of the week?


If so, how do you fit in your recommended eight hours sleep?

38. How do you feel about the fact you don't have a beach?


Do you imagine that we go to Bondi every day after work for a swim?

39. Where do you dream about going when you're tired of New York?


When Sydney sucks, our daydreams are all about you.

40. Do you always date more than one person?


Because that is definitely not a thing in Australia.

41. Does your public transport smell like garbage, or is it just garbage in general?


Our is absolute trash, but at least it doesn't smell bad.

42. Do you spend a lot of time in Central Park?


Because tbh our Hyde Park is kind of a disappointment.

43. Do you get sick of people telling you how lucky you are to live in New York?

The CW

Does it lose some of it's magic when you actually live there 24/7?

44. Would you ever consider living in Sydney?

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Because we would totally trade you places... At least for a little while.