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11 Australian Landmarks That Are Actually Really Terrible


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1. Bondi Beach

Gil Baillache / Via Flickr: 97653099@N07

"After coming here we all ended up with sand all over us and soaked to the bone after going into the sea. The kids all got sunburnt as well, three days later and their skin still hasn't stopped peeling. Awful quality, we will not be going back here!"

2. Sydney Opera House

Fred Zhang / Via Flickr: fred_z

"It's a pretty awful 1960s style concrete building. It's really nothing special at all. Save yourself the effort and view it from the bridge or harbour - the further away you are the less awful it looks."


7. Uluru

Daniel Peckham / Via Flickr: davaodude

"As an Aussie living abroad, Uluru really does shape up Australia. Overrated, disappointing and overpriced. It's a rock in a flat desert covered with flies. The obsession is beyond me."


10. Twelve Apostles

benstevens / Thinkstock

"For a few rocky stacks in the middle of a beach it's honestly not worth bothering with, unless of course you're a hardcore geologist or don't mind hoards of tourists cramming your viewfinder, overpriced ice creams and general mediocracy. At least there's no visitor fee and there are toilets."

11. Wave Rock

Totajla / Thinkstock

"Stupid place! Sucky formation of rocks. Last time we went there it was I pissed my pants (sic). Despite the rain, the place still looks stupid. We managed to climb the rock and the scenery from up there is really terrible. It is a really bad place!"

All comments via Trip Advisor.