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    Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Is Finally Coming To Australia

    SBS Australia made a bloody exciting announcement last night.

    ICYMI, Donald Glover won a Golden Globe yesterday. So did his television series, Atlanta.

    Obviously, while this was super exciting for him and everyone involved in the show, it was also a sucky reminder that Australians can't ~legally~ watch Atlanta anywhere.

    But then, much to everyone's delight, SBS Australia tweeted that Atlanta will be coming SOON.

    Congratulations @donaldglover on @goldenglobes wins for #Atlanta – coming soon to @SBS, @SBSVICELAND and…

    Apparently, it will be screening on SBS, SBS Viceland, and SBS On Demand.

    People were immediately very pleased.

    YEESSSSSS. Legit way for Aussies to FINALLY watch Atlanta.

    It is BIG NEWS.

    If SBS can give me Atlanta then that just confirms that they're the best channel in Australia

    While no exact date was announced, it's still great, great news for Australia.