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13 Things You've Lived Through If You Ever Worked At Supre

Teaser: It's a lot. You've lived through a lot.

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2. "I would never, ever, shop at Supre."

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OK. Cool. It's definitely not for everyone, but I challenge you to find an Australian girl who has never owned a pair of black Supre tights.

Or a material belt. Or five.


4. "There's nothing in here over a size 10."


Supre goes up to a size 16. And if you can't find your size, I honestly am sorry, but I don't have a say in that side of the business. I am just here so I can pay my phone bill next month.


11. "Well, can you just have a look out the back?"


This is the modern day, you know, with computers. Mine says we don't have any of your size in. I'm sorry but my pretending to look out the back is not going to help you on your quest to find the perfect pair of jeans.