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    26 Amazing Places You Can Get Married In New South Wales

    The perfect locations to start your Happily Ever After. And get some damn pretty photos at the same time.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Whimsy Farm, Byron Bay

    Complete with a love heart-shaped lawn and tall, hedged maze, this is the perfect spot for lovers who want their wedding to feel like a literal, real-life fairytale, straight out of a Little Golden Book.

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    2. The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

    The ultimate location for a low-key, whimsical foodie, The Grounds proves that a farmyard theme can be just as festive as any other.

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    3. Merribee, Numbaa

    Complete with its own flower nursery, barn and 20 separate garden rooms, this location is a Pinterest-lover's dream come true.

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    4. Fairground Follies, Sydney

    For the couple that dream of running away together to join the circus, this carnival hall comes complete with working carousel; an Instagram goldmine that will take every guest back to their childhood. Clowns and side-show freaks optional, and dependent on family expectations.

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    5. Carriageworks, Sydney

    Flickr: emmettanderson

    Emmett Anderson

    Potentially the ~coolest~ location in all of Sydney, this exhibition spot is perfect for lovers of industrial design.

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    6. The Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains

    Lina Hayes
    Flickr: linahayes

    Lina Hayes

    This historic hotel was made for sunset celebrations.

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    7. The University of Sydney

    While the dream of tying the knot at Hogwarts might not ever come true, Sydney Uni is here to meet your grand expectations, while you wait for your owl post to arrive.

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    8. Thredbo, Kosciuszko National Park

    Stuart Hannagan / Getty Images

    Maybe you met on the slopes? Maybe you hate the heat? Maybe you want to take that white theme thing to a whole new level? Regardless of your reasoning, a wedding in the snow isn't going to be easily forgotten.

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    9. The Island, Sydney

    While hiring a real private island might stretch the wedding budget that little bit too far, this floating version is still pretty damn impressive. Take a water taxi from Watson's Bay and return to land a married couple.

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    10. Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

    For everyone who agrees that bush beats everything else, this location comes with plenty of room to breathe.

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    11. Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel, Sydney

    The prettiest, most Instagram-able place for a wedding by the sea.

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    12. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA), Sydney

    Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images
    Flickr: mhelvadjian

    Mark Helvadjian

    Every creative couples dream - a night in an art gallery. Bonus points for the evening city views.

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    13. Bondi Icebergs, Bondi Beach

    Bondi beach is iconic. And the perfect place to celebrate.

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    14. Fort Denison, Sydney

    Flickr: ross_fowler

    Ross Fowler

    Whether you're a history nerd or just like the idea of being smack bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour when you say your vows, if this place didn't have so many stories behind it, you'd swear it was built for weddings.

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    15. Luna Park, Sydney

    Craighind / Getty Images
    Flickr: nickimm

    Nikki Mannix

    Bright lights, big wedding. Make your 10-year-old self proud.

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    16. Hunter Valley Gardens

    Straight out of a storybook, these gardens are totally channeling Wonderland - in the best way possible.

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    17. Tobruk Sheep Station, Maroota

    Whether you're a country couple at heart - or just want to fake it for the day - this location is only 70 minutes from the Sydney CBD but feels approximately one million miles away.

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    18. The Tea Room, Queen Victoria Building Sydney

    Oh, you fancy, huh? If you can't imagine your wedding possibly going ahead without a crystal chandelier - or three - you need to investigate this space in the QVB.

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    19. Fig Tree Resturant, Byron Bay

    If you're going to get married under any tree, you might as well make it an ancient fig, overlooking Byron.

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    20. Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains

    Totajla / Getty Images

    Take your wedding literally underground, for something that will most likely be very, very unexpected.

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    21. Bush Bank, Kiama Heights

    A historic farm-stay with ocean views, this spot on the south coast can suit any theme your heart desires.

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    22. Gunners Barracks, Sydney

    For sandstone courtyards and city views.

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    23. Borrodell Vineyard, Orange

    If wine and truffles are your kind of thing, this vineyard will suit you perfectly.

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    24. Bells at Killcare, Central Coast

    For fans of convenience, this location comes complete with luxury hotel suites and one very celebrated restaurant.

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    25. Cupitt's Winery, Ulladulla

    Facebook: media

    Tim Pascoe

    Facebook: media

    Tim Pascoe

    Pretty all year long, this winery is perfect for anyone who wants equally beautiful food, wine and scenery.

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    26. Taronga Zoo, Sydney

    Because if anyone's going to photobomb your wedding shoot, it might as well be a couple of elephants.

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