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    Posted on 30 Jan 2015

    22 People Who Prove VB Drinkers Are The Most STRAYA

    They've got a hard earned thirst, alright.

    1. This guy who deserves ample reward for his dedication.

    2. This parent who really showed them.

    3. The owner of the most Australian selfie stick ever.

    4. This guy who is all "LOOK DAD, NO HANDS".

    5. Whoever set the table for this all-Aussie brekkie.

    6. Anyone who would trade their morning coffee for a cold one in a second.

    7. This guy who knows what he's thankful for.

    8. Everyone who agrees VB is more than just a beer. Because it is also, obviously, a fashion statement.

    9. This chicken connoisseur who doesn't need a recipe.

    10. This fan who is making the best of what he's got.

    11. The creator of this flavour explosion.

    12. The stocker of this fridge.

    13. The owner of this stubby holder.

    14. The artist that turned this chip into a national treasure, while quenching their thirst with the only beer up for the job.

    15. The artist behind this personalised keypad.

    16. The fashion designer responsible for this creation.

    17. The luckiest Valentine alive.

    18. This guy who knows forks are for losers anyway.

    19. The genius recycler behind these cricket stumps.

    20. This animal lover.

    21. This Warnie fan.

    22. And, of course, Karl Stefanovic.

    An early today show Christmas present. I love beer.

    Karl Stefanovic@karlstefanovicFollow

    An early today show Christmas present. I love beer.

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