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    21 Reasons Ponytails Are The Best Hairstyle Ever Invented

    Because it's a Pony Party, and you're all invited.

    1. First thing's first, they keep the hair out of your face.

    2. Curly hair? The pony don't care.

    3. Had your locks lopped? Have no fear, your perfect-hair-saviour is here.

    4. Or, if it's been a while between trims - they've got your back too. Literally.

    5. Oh, you fancy, huh? There's no need to play it safe with this style.

    6. Already got everything did, for a special occasion? Just add pony.

    7. Or, whip it out when you just want to feel plain pretty.

    8. It's a true classic.

    9. That comes with plenty of modern twists.

    10. Growing out your bangs? No worries!

    11. Feeling feirce? Meet your new go-to, please.

    12. There's no need to hunt for an excuse to wear a ribbon again.

    13. Or to get your double-tie on, big time.

    14. Why don't you just pop in a bobby pin for something fun to do?

    15. Or lose your beauty mind and throw some pink in there? You can!

    16. Don't think you'd ever need to give up braiding. Nope, the pony wants to play-nice with all styles.

    17. If you like it when your hair goes bump, bump, bump...

    18. Or, if you just feel like doing the twist.

    19. The pony doesn't discriminate.

    20. So, you can feel like a cheerleader any day you want.

    21. Or just stick with feeling like a fairytale princess.