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16 Things Americans Say That Seriously Confuse The Rest Of The World

The words and phrases that hurt my Australian brain.

1. That you call the course before your main meal an appetizer and the main course the entrée.

@taraboo.20 / Via

Entrée is a French word and is literally defined as "the act or manner of entering." It's commonly used around the world to describe the first or "entrance" dish to a meal.

2. That you call your smallest mattress size a twin even though it can only fit one person.

Yipengge / Getty Images

In Australia we call this size of bed a single, which makes a lot of sense tbh. We then have a double, which is your full size.

3. That fanny is another way to say butt or bum.

Champja / Getty Images

Where I come from it's another word for vagina. Fun fact: We also call fanny packs, bum bags.

4. That you call fuel "gas" even though it's definitely a liquid and not a gas.

Mauro_grigollo / Getty Images


5. That you use the word restroom as well as bathroom.

Kitthanes / Getty Images

This is a minor one, but I've definitely got some ~looks~ when asking where the toilet is in restaurants.

6. That you call these bangs.

Fgorgun / Getty Images

I was always perplexed by the whole bangs thing in TV shows and movies growing up, until I realized it's what Americans call a fringe.

7. That to you, these are biscuits.

@aprilfiege / Via

To me, biscuits are your cookies!

8. And that you can refer to a whole pizza as a pie.

@new_york_pizza_86 / Via

We only call pies, pies.

9. That this divisive herb is called cilantro.

@plantymcplant1 / Via

That, my friend, is coriander in my eyes.

10. That this is a truck, not a ute.

@my_girthy_girl / Via


11. That these things are called trash cans.

Cheekylorns / Getty Images

Even after three months living in the US the one thing I can't stop saying is "bin."

12. That you wear sweaters and sweatshirts when it's cold.

Alxeypnferov / Getty Images

In Australia we call both of these things a jumper. Idk why??

13. And that if you order a lemonade, you WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT get a Sprite.

Oksix / Getty Images

I have been burned so many times.

14. That you call this jelly instead of jam.

Anjelagr / Getty Images

I would call out your love for PB&J but I won't because I know Vegemite is probably equally as confusing.

15. That you use the word "college" so much, even when you go to a university.

@nyuniversity / Via

Why not just say "university"?

16. And that this is a cell phone.

Peopleimages / Getty Images

Calling a mobile phone a ~cell~ is honestly the most American thing I can think of.