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12 Hairstyles That Look Way Better With Dirty Hair

If you were looking for an excuse to skip the shampoo tomorrow - this is it.

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1. The Pumped Up Volume

If you're a human interested in being clean, saving time and just generally nailing life hacks, you'll be well education on dry shampoo. Beyond the pretty obvious benefit of turning your roots from oily to so fresh, so clean in a shake and spray, this little miracle in a can will also leave you with some serious volume and bounce, which is important - because we can all do with a little bit more of that.

3. The Literal Knot

While squeaky-clean hair might feel so smooth, silky and soft, it isn't exactly ideal when you're trying to get a particularly tricky hairstyle to stay in place. While this kind of specialty work would slip right out of just-washed hair, the extra hold in your un-washed locks will keep everything here in place.

4. The Super Sexy Pony

The problem with ponytails is well-known and accepted as the "cheerleader factor" - too girlie, too preppy, too Teasing your hair at the roots and the lengths adds a grown-up edge to a potentially boring beauty staple.

5. The "Accidental" Wave

So, here's the deal - you've slept with your hair in a super comfy bun/plait/helmet (I don't know your life) and now you've woken up with some intense kink-age. Instead of reaching for the straightener - or your sleeping helmet - make use of the bonus waves by working in more movement with hairspray, a comb and some nifty finger work.

If you've got a curling tong handy, quickly work random pieces of hair in opposite directions, leaving your curls looking messy and unintentional.

6. The Braidy Bun

Your hair ain't looking it's best and you want that sh*t out of your face, pronto. We feel you. Instead of pulling it all up into a boring bun, flip your head and start braiding from the nape of your neck upwards, securing into a high ponytail. Next, twist the end of your pony into a loose bun.

7. The Front Braid

If oily roots are your Number One tell-tale sign that you've skipped a lathering this morning, your best bet is to hide that grease under a cleverly crafted, messy plait. Rather that starting from the centre of your hairline and working back, start by sectioning off the front few inches off your hair, pulling the big back section away. Start braiding from behind one ear, working towards the other. Once you're finishing, work the end of your braid into a low bun with the rest of your ends.

8. The Grunge Meets Girlie

So what if you've got a bit of oil making it's home on your hairline? It's totally on purpose, right? Right?! Or, at least it will look like it's completely intentional if you team this new texture with a so-90's half-up, half-down look.

10. The Statement Headband

So, times are getting tough and your scraggly locks are not longer easily masked by a cute headband. Nope, now it's time to call in the big bands. Scarves, turbans, wraps - hell, anything that can make your outfit even better while hiding your negligence is perfect - and totally wasted on fresh hair.

11. The Biggest Ballerina Bun

Particularly good for girls with lengthy locks - who can appreciate the most how painful the whole wash-and-dry routine can be - this bun uses the extra body of dirty hair to literally cover up roots that probably could have done with a wash.

If this big and fun look was attempted on clean hair, you would run the risk of a bun that falls flat or painfully slides out of it's loop every five minutes. Can you actually think of anything worse?

12. The Bird's Nest

Let us all rejoice - for now is the time to celebrate the laid-back. It's time to toast the off-duty models who embraced the undone and somehow made it acceptable to leave the house looking like you'd lost your only hairbrush months ago. If you're going to nail this dirty hair look, confidence is key. Adding in a bun and some slight waves (that can come from sleeping with your hair in a tight twist) show that you've made some effort, but not enough to stray away from the laziest trend.

The on-purpose mess works perfect with the texture of the unwashed. I mean, who needs a sea-salt spray when you could just save ten minutes in the shower?

Nobody, that's who.

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