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8 Beers That Do More Than Get You Drunk

What has beer done for you lately? Except get you drunk of course. Well, that's nice and all, but sometimes it just isn't enough.

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Heineken Ignite


Light up the club!

This Heineken bottle has built in LED lights that react when the bottle are touched and sipped. With the help of said LEDs, an 8-bit microprocessor and an accelerometer, motions (such as clinking bottles together) trigger effects that light up the whole bottle. It can even be synchronised to music.

Rough Draught


Sort your evening out!

Rough Draught, a beer brewed by London-based printing specialist Diginate, will sort your whole evening out, simply by tapping the bottle with an NFC-enabled smartphone. The phone will then:

– Text your girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/cat and let them know you will be home late.

– Email your boss and let him/her know that you don’t think you’ll be in tomorrow.

– Tweet your friends and let them know they should come round for a beer.

– Open Maps to find a pub in the area so you can continue your evening there.

Bud Light write-on label


Get your creative spirits flowing (like beer)!

Ever been to a crowded bar and got confused about which bottle on the bar is yours? I think we all have (at least after a few bottles). Well, now you can write your name on it and save some confusion. You can pretty much write, or draw, anything on it really; phone numbers, names, insults, threats – anything goes!


Stiegl Bock with transport ticket label


Get a free bus ride!

Drunk driving is a big problem. To help, Austrian beer manufacturer Stiegl came up with a great idea: they replaced their usual labels with public transport tickets. So if you were out and about in Salzburg at Christmas and didn't feel like paying for the bus, you could just grab a beer!

Heineken WOBO (World Bottle)


Build a house (yes, really)!

These beer bottles, produced in 1963, allowed people to build their own home from beer! Now I wouldn't normally recommend beer as a foundation for a relationship, home or anything else really, but in this case (no pun intended) I'll have to make an exception.

Sadly, only 100 000 test bottles were ever produced and only two structures (a small hut and a shed) were built.

Budweiser telephone


Drunk dial for real!

Have you ever been on the landline and realised that the cable was too short to reach to the fridge so you can grab a cold beer? Me neither, but that very unlikely scenario now has a solution: the Budweiser telephone! I'm not sure it actually contains any beer (seems unlikely really, at least impractical), but if you're desperate enough for a drink I'm sure you will find out.

Guinness NFC free pint competition


Get your game on!

What's better than getting drunk? Getting drunk for free of course! Well, Guinness have answered your prayers. If you are at a participating pub and you have an NFC phone you can simply tap the tap (tap the beer tap with your phone that is) and you have a chance to win a free pint of lovely Guinness.

Brewdog's 'End of History'


Get in touch with nature!

Who hasn't seen a squirrel running around in the park and thought "I'd like to drink from that squirrel. If only it was stuffed with beer!" Well, Brewdog apparently did. This is by far the strangest, strongest and most expensive beer on the list. A £700 55% ABV beer served in a dead animal is by most accounts extreme.

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