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    16 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Sex Life

    Or so I've been told. Obviously I'd have no idea.

    1. When your parents catch you.

    Twitter: @jeffsalazar187 / Via Twitter: @jeffsalazar187

    2. When your parents catch you and you weren't exactly having sex in the traditional sense.

    Alpha Beat / Via Twitter: @xonamjoon

    3. Or worse, when YOU catch your parents.


    4. When you realize you don't have a condom.

    Warner Bros.

    5. When the condom comes out broken.


    6. When you accidentally get a hair pulled out.

    Twitter: @YaMaDonkey / Via Twitter: @YaMaDonkey

    7. When your partner finishes during foreplay.


    8. When you've been drinking.

    Twitter: @CaptainRobby_ / Via Twitter: @CaptainRobby_

    9. And when you then decide that's gone on long enough, and try to finish up with your hand, but it's hopeless.

    Twitter: @pat_health / Via Twitter: @pat_health

    10. When they keep going after they should have stopped.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    11. When you can't get it up.

    Twitter: @MedievalReacts / Via Twitter: @MedievalReacts

    12. When the other person finishes and falls asleep.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @WasTalCo

    13. When they have bad breath.

    Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

    14. When it's bigger than you thought.

    Twitter: @naominarrative / Via Twitter: @naominarrative

    15. When it's smaller than you thought.

    Twitter: @aestheticauras / Via Twitter: @aestheticauras

    16. When it's all going well and you suddenly realize you shouldn't have had so much cheese at dinner.

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