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    14 Moments You'll Only Get If You Have A Small Dog

    "How's the rat doing?" Boy, bye.

    1. You're fed up with people who pick your dog up without your permission.

    Mike Theiler / AFP / Getty Images

    "Aw, what a cutie," said the perpetrator, grabbing the dog that didn't belong to them while completely ignoring the one that did.

    2. You fear for your poor puppy's life whenever children are near.

    This Is Not a Toy, oil on canvas.

    3. You know that your precious pupper can walk up the stairs better than he/she can go back down.

    Twitter: @13370N3

    You're now able to recognize the "I need you to carry me back downstairs" barking.

    4. When you don't know where your dog is, 90% of the time he's in a blind spot, trailing just behind your feet.

    Twitter: tay_norwood / Via Twitter: @tay_norwood

    And the other 10% of the time, he's right in front of you, chewing on your shoelaces.

    5. Every time you step on the dog, you feel like you deserve to go straight to hell.

    Getty Images

    And it happens a lot, because of the previous point.

    6. When your dog is near another medium-sized one, you think he's going to get eaten.

    Twitter: LindaKWS1 / Via Twitter: @LindaKWS1

    —Don't worry, he's just playing.

    —What kind of game? Eating my dog??

    7. You know how hard it is to find treats and toys suitable for your dog's size.

    Twitter: MsRissaRoo / Via Twitter: @MsRissaRoo

    Your pup is still eating the same bone you bought him four months ago.

    8. So he often ends up playing with a rope that's three times bigger than his entire body.

    Twitter: ciaraaakayyy_ / Via Twitter: @ciaraaakayyy_

    9. You know that size and the ability to take up space are not related.

    Twitter: 1_The_Dog_Daily / Via Twitter: @1_The_Dog_Daily

    10. Everyone calls your beloved doggo "the rat."

    Getty Images

    — How's the rat doing?

    — I don't know, I haven't seen your dad in a while. *buuuuurn*

    11. But when you play together, you call it "monster" or "savage" without thinking twice.

    Twitter: bflip33 / Via Twitter: @bflip33

    "Argh! No! Help!" *licks your face, covering you in dog slobber*

    12. The look.

    Twitter: danreilly11 / Via Twitter: @danreilly11

    Your little pup knows that once he goes up, the only way back down is either tumbling or being cradled in your loving arms.

    13. In the winter, you worry your pint-sized best friend is going to freeze to death.

    Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ActualAleisha

    Or maybe Button isn't cold, but really just wants to use the weather as an excuse to curl up in your bed day in and day out from October to mid-April. Genius, really...

    14. And you find out that your dog loves places that you don't even consider to be places.

    Twitter: krasnyy_ / Via Twitter: @krasnyy_

    Awwww. Don't they just melt your heart. <3

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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