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14 Moments You'll Only Get If You Have A Small Dog

"How's the rat doing?" Boy, bye.

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1. You're fed up with people who pick your dog up without your permission.

Mike Theiler / AFP / Getty Images

"Aw, what a cutie," said the perpetrator, grabbing the dog that didn't belong to them while completely ignoring the one that did.


4. When you don't know where your dog is, 90% of the time he's in a blind spot, trailing just behind your feet.

Twitter: tay_norwood / Via Twitter: @tay_norwood

And the other 10% of the time, he's right in front of you, chewing on your shoelaces.


13. In the winter, you worry your pint-sized best friend is going to freeze to death.

Getty Images / Via Twitter: @ActualAleisha

Or maybe Button isn't cold, but really just wants to use the weather as an excuse to curl up in your bed day in and day out from October to mid-April. Genius, really...


This post was translated from Spanish.

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