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15 Things Everyone Who Wears Glasses Has Had To Put Up With

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

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2. And then the second they get them on, they ask, "How do you see with these things?"


Damn! Of course! All this time I thought I had terrible vision, but I guess it was just because of these stupid glasses! You have changed my life!


6. For some reason, when they're super dirty it doesn't bug you, but when there's just one little spot, it's the worst thing in the world.

7. Occasionally, it seems like people just suddenly notice that you wear glasses, and they'll say something along the lines of, "Have you always worn glasses?"


10. And there's always somebody who says that you look better without glasses, and that you should wear contacts.

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1) Thanks, that never occurred to me.

2) Well, YOU would look better without such a stupid face. :)


14. You've also lost a pair that you still think must be in a parallel dimension, because you have no idea where else they could have ended up.

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And then there are others that showed up in the glove box three years after you lost them.