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    The "Bring Me To Life" Video Is A Real Mess And Someone Had To Say It

    Save me from the nothing I've become.

    Regardless of how old you were in 2004, you definitely listened to "Bring Me to Life", the song from Evanescence that was basically our generation's "Let It Be".

    Only better.

    But if you recall the music video for this important piece of music, you'll probably remember that there's barely any logic behind it at all:

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    The video starts with a weird, dark, CGI city and this one apartment with crazy curtains:

    The camera enters the apartment where we find Amy Lee from Evanescence sleeping with not one, but TWO different lights on.

    At first it looks like she's sleeping peacefully, but NO! She's actually having a nightmare about falling (or jumping) from her apartment window.

    Meanwhile, her neighbors–who happen to be the rest of Evanescence–wake her up because they're having a loud band rehearsal like two floors up.

    So naturally, all sleepy-eyed and out of it, Amy Lee goes to the window to curse them out for waking her up, right? NOPE.

    For a second, she looks like she jumps from her window, but she was just psyching us out. Good one, Amy.

    She passes by a party with a very obvious VISUAL METAPHOR outside on the window sill.

    And then she just starts climbing!

    Like, what's your plan here, Amy? Is this really a good idea in a night dress? Why don't you just take the stairs? Why does this man have a fish tank with no fish in it?

    She finally manages to reach the floor with her band rehearsing and I'm saying to myself, "oh boy, these dudes are gonna get reamed."

    But then she goes for the closed window! There's literally a wide open window right on the other side, Amy!

    The rapper is as confused by this as we are, apparently.

    The guy opens the window and they're clearly both surprised to see one another. Amy barely makes it out alive.

    The rapper tries to save his friend Amy, because that's what friends do.

    The rest of the group, by the way, doesn't give a fuck. They just keep on going with band practice.

    And honestly, it really looks like she's trying to push off the ledge at this point, and he's barely putting any effort in.

    She ends up falling, of course. What else were you expecting? The music video started with her dreaming about it. They made it pretty obvious.

    And then the worst part is the rapper guy just sits there on the ledge at 2am rapping to himself. Dude, you just watched your friend plummet to her own death! What kind of reaction is that?!

    What an idiot.

    This post was translated from Spanish.