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Reasons Why My Mom Is The Best

I know we are miles away from each other and it's our first Mother's Day we don't spend together but I just want you to know now amazing you are .

There are too many reasons why you're awesome, here's the first one


I love how you see the beauty in everything , just like in this gorgeous selfie you took.

Some times I look like an Idiot but that's totally okay by you


Thank you for accepting me and my dumb faces .

Now let's not forget all the times you were always right


Who knows what you and daddy were fighting for , but how funny is this candid?

I love how you are totally fine with the amount of selfies I take


Time and place don't matter to you, your always there for a good photo!

You're the life of the party


No matter where we go or who we're with you always make it a great time!

It's totally okay that you love some people more than others...


We know you love Khole more than me and that's okay.

You've traveled with the love of your life


Hopefully I'll be lucky enough too.

Most importantly, you've taught me how to be myself

I could write for days on how you made me who I am today , but you know that already. I owe you my whole entire life and for that I am so grateful to have been raised by the most beautiful intelligent woman who I'm so lucky to call my mom.

I love you .

Have a Happy Mother's Day ! I can't wait to see you.

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