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Taylor Swift VS Nicki Minaj: Prediction For What's Going To Happen At The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

This is what is GOING to happen, hands down, for sure, you know it. TAYLOR VS NICKI. VMAS 2015! Mayweather vs Pacquiao WHO?

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Long story short: Nicki Minaj is VERY PISSED that her music video isn't getting a lot of nominations, while Taylor Swift is snagging all of them.


Nicki thinks it's ridiculous how her curvy thick ass isn't getting the respect that Taylor's skinny, lanky, no-ass does.

And THIS is what I predict will happen between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift...

Just when Taylor thinks all hope is lost, she WINS the award for BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR, and most importantly, she can leave her seat and ESCAPE the danger that Nicki had in store for her!!


She becomes overwhelmed with relief that she finally has an excuse to run away from her seat before Nicki rips her hair out from behind!

Nicki tries to get the award at all costs as she attempts to SNAP TAYLOR'S NECK IN FRONT OF THE MILLIONS OF VIEWERS WATCHING!!


The audience is SCREAMING in horror as Nicki's alter ego, ROMAN, has taken over in attempts to KILL Taylor to get the award!

Security saves Taylor AT THE VERY LAST SECOND and chains Nicki to a board so she can't cause harm to Taylor anymore!


The audience lets out a big round of applause for security as Taylor is RUSHED off the stage to get to safety!

At the end of the night, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and even Katy Perry realize how petty all the drama is, and come to the conclusion that maybe they should just stick to making music...AND THAT'S IT!


Followed by some fake laughter with one another as they all think to themselves, "Still hate you."

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