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Justin Bieber: PURPOSE Album Review By A Non-Belieber

Using Selena Gomez GIFS, because I'm ratty like that.

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As every teeny bopper, and some mid 20 year olds know, Justin Bieber's highly anticipated new album PURPOSE has been released.

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I, a NON-belieber, have tried over and over to become a fan, I really have! Although Justin's attitude still rubs me the wrong way at times, I want to give his music a try.

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1. Mark My Words

Cuatro / Via

I'm going to assume this was just an 'intro' type song, seeing as he only said like 8 words the entire song. The background music was somewhat irritating after the first two times. His voice DID however sound good. But I personally did not enjoy it.

2. I'll Show You


Don't get me wrong, his voice sounds great, soft, soulful...but again, it didn't grab me. I hope his songs get more hype and energetic because so far I'm being put to sleep. It wasn't a BAD song at all though, just not my cup of tea.

I could definitely see this song being featured in some vacation video to promote great vacation deals. Song playing as we overlook Hawaii's most beautiful tropical paradise resort. Yeah, I see it.

3. What Do You Mean?


It's obvious why people love this song so much. Because the constant clock ticking is really some brainwashing hypnotism technique to make people like it.

It is catchy, more upbeat. I don't hate it at all, but the clock drives me crazy. And the part when Justin says "First you wanna go to the left, then you wanna turn right" STILL reminds me of the Lion King lyric "everybody look left, everybody look right" in I Just Can't Wait to be King. It literally sounds the exact same.

Good mellow party song. Would change it if I heard it on the radio though.

4. Sorry

Interscope Records / Via

Okay, I know this may sound shocking coming from me, but I'm OBSESSED with this song. Now this is what I'm talking about. The beat, his voice, the overall production...yes, I approve, yes. My favourite part is the weird whistling sound at the beginning and throughout the song.

Great great GREAT song for driving, parties, hanging out in your room, everything. Yes Bieber, keep this kind of stuff up!

5. Love Yourself


Although it's mellow, I am digging this track. The GIF literally explains my feelings about this song perfectly. I picture a sunny day, good mood type of vibe.

The guitar, trumpet (unexpected), voice, lyrics, all VERY good. Things are picking up Biebs, KEEP IT GOING!

6. Company

Disney / Via

It was good, wasn't bad, wasn't amazing. A good album filler. It wasn't bad to the point where I changed the song...but it was obviously just a filler and won't be a single.

I guess I'll let it slide considering the last 2 songs were TOP NOTCH.

7. No Pressure


This song belongs in a ROM-COM. You know when the couple just breaks up and a montage of them living separate lives missing each other plays? CUE THIS SONG!

I think it was a brilliant move to bring Big Sean on this track, just when it was getting too repetitive and boring, Big Sean picked the song back up. It's a casual love song, what you'd expect from Justin Bieber, except more mature sounding.

8. No Sense


This song is VERY hip-hop. The auto tune you'd think would be an overkill, but it kind of makes the song unique and goes with the vibe. You groove to this song. Don't expect to have a dance party with your chips and soda.

I am actually shocked how much it doesn't sound like a TRY-HARD type of hip-hop song, especially from Bieber. It actually sounds legit and good! Not the best song but it does what it's supposed to do.

9. The Feeling

Hollywood Records / Via

This song is exactly what the album needed, and that's mostly thanks to Halsey. Her voice, with Bieber's, mix very well together and sounds great. The chorus is the best part, easily.

Just picture yourself in a massive field with someone you love. Just you and them, runnin' around...that's what this song feels like.

10. Life Is Worth Living

Interscope Records / Via

Strolling through a big city, thinking about what you love, what you want to do, what you want to achieve is this song personified. Beautiful song, great message, Justin sounds amazing on it. Hands down one of my favourites.

11. Where Are U Now?

Interscope Records / Via

There's no need to even say I love this song.........but I do love it. To be honest though I like the slow parts/Justin singing better than the base drop. I still find the screechy music annoying but the song overall is freakin' great.

12. Children

Interscope Records / Via

I was not expecting this song to be EDM at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's not as well produced or detailed as Where Are U Now, but it definitely does the job. I would happily dance my butt off to this song in the clubs. The beat is just asking me to take a shot and dance. I approve.

13. Purpose

Interscope Records / Via

As soon as the piano started I knew I'd like this song. I mean it is the title of the album so the song better be damn good.

This is the last song on the standard album, and it is the perfect song to end the album with. Piano...vocals...simple. It even sounds like a "The End" type of song.

The speech he makes at the end is pretty clever too.



I can't say I am a belieber, but I can admit that Justin can put out some good tunes! Now if only he could act as good as his music, he would be golden! But for his music, I approve.

More mature sounding, production is killer, music/instruments are great, perfect amount of upbeat songs and ballads. It's exactly what I expected from Justin, maybe even better.

Atta boy Biebs. Now smarten up!

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