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"FRIENDS" Fun Fact: Ross And Rachel's Wedding Anniversary Would Have Been Today!

They're each other's lobster after all.

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"F.R.I.E.N.D.S" .. everyone knows it and most love it.

NBC / Via

For those who don't know it or simply don't like dare you.

We all know Ross Geller.

And we all definitely know Rachel Green.

NBC / Via

And together they become Ross and Rachel, television's most iconic couple.

NBC / Via

They BELONG together.

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So to all "FRIENDS" fanatics, just letting you know today (February 2nd) would have been Ross and Rachel's wedding anniversary. For proof just watch for yourself.

NBC / Via Instagram: @friendstvvideos

Here's a toast, to Ross and Rachel...

NBC / Via

To always thanking the high heavens Rachel got off that freakin' plane..

NBC / Via

..and to continue being each other's lobster for all eternity. Cheers.

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