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20 Of The Most Relatable Struts We Have All Conquered, Attempted Or Failed Miserably At

Because a certain kind of walk could mean a lot of things.

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1. The "I'm Untouchable" Strut


Can also pass as The "I Don't Fuck With You" Strut.

2. The "I'm About To Go Fuck This Bitch Up" Strut


Along with the words "WHERE SHE AT?" being yelled while executing this strut.

3. The "Yes, I Am The Leader of MY Crew" Strut


Unfortunately, not all of us will ever experience this one.

4. The "HI HATERS, I Know You're Talking Shit But IDGAF" Strut

5. The "I'm So Much Better Than You" Strut


Along with the cocky smirk, just to let them know that you know that you are superior.

6. The "PAY ATTENTION" Strut


Executed with big and loud stomps to let people know where to look, which is at you.

7. The "I'm Really Drunk But Trying To Play It Cool" Strut


This can be seen when you are walking up to a bouncer at a club, or walking into your house with your parents there.

8. The "Surprise, I'm Actually Hot" Strut


This is used when puberty hits, and you arrive at school after summer vacation and are suddenly hot, but you have to pretend like you aren't aware.

9. The "I Hope People See That I'm Upset and Follow Me" Strut


Used when you are seeking attention from your girlfriend/boyfriend, followed by saying "I'm fine".

10. The "Yes, We Are The Shit and We Are Well Aware" Strut


Usually followed by a heated fight and break up within the next year, causing you to find a new strut buddy to flaunt in front of your ex-bestie.

11. The "On My Way To The Principal's Office Again" Strut


Accompanied by some eye rolls and a large *SIGH*

12. The "I Paid A Lot For This, So Fucking Look At Me and Be Jealous" Strut


Followed by a lot of compliments from your peers. (Most of which were fake, but you're cooler than them so they want to stay on your good side)

13. The "I Know My Ass Looks Real Nice and You're Lookin'" Strut


Followed by a lot of eyes gazing into your nice rump.

14. The "I Legit Have To Shit" Strut


The name says it all.

15. The "Bitches, We Are Leaving" Strut


Usually executed by the leader of a clique, and followed by 4 or 5 push-overs following their leader.

16. The "I'M HEEEEEEERE" Strut


Followed by a lot of eye rolls from fellow spectators, who then pretend to be excited about your arrival.

17. The "It's 3A.M and I'm Hungry As Hell and Must Walk To The Kitchen Without Waking My Family Up" Strut


Risky, but worth the reward.

18. The "OW! Holy Fuck There's Legos All Over The Floor" Strut


A lot of knee buckling, some "AH's and OW's", with your mouth wide open as you try to manoeuvre around each piece.

19. The "I Was Just Told To Not Run In The Halls But It's Pizza Day In The Cafeteria" Strut


Takes a lot of hard work and practise to really master this. But once you get it, you can rule the world.

20. The "Fuck, I Tried" Strut


You know what they say, when you fall...just stay down.

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