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18 Steps To Posting An Instagram In This Generation

Who knew posting a picture online could cause so much emotional and mental damage?

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Step 3: EVERYONE in the picture has to act as if they aren't aware a picture is being taken.

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This includes: Trying to make yourself laugh, looking to the side for an artistic look, pretending you're having too good of a time to even notice a camera.

Step 5: Ask for your peers' opinion on the picture.


Text your core 5 besties to get their approval.

"Do I look good? No I don't care how you look, do I look good?"

"Insta worthy? Yeah, okay good thats what I thought"

Step 7: Add a filter, or edit it to really make it POP.


But DO NOT let the filter affect the white boarder, or else youll have to re-crop, and add a new white boarder. A contaminated white boarder will get you LESS LIKES!

Step 10.5: LOOK AT THE TIME!



You want to post your picture at a time where everyone will have their phone available. You won't get likes if people are at work or at school.

Times to post: 11-12pm / 7-9pm on weekdays, 7-10pm on Friday and Saturday and ANYTIME on Sunday.

Step 12: Do the COMPLETE opposite and refresh your newsfeed every 2 minutes to see if it's getting any 'likes'.


ESPECIALLY check to see if the LIKE COUNT is exceeding the TIME IT WAS POSTED!

Example: 15 likes - posted 5 minutes ago.

Step 13: If the likes do NOT exceed the time it was posted, contemplate taking it down and feel a lot of shame.


Just note, if you take it down, people may notice...and you will be the laughing stock of Instagram.

Step 15: The next day, follow up with some people who haven’t liked your picture yet and force them to like it.


It's not an easy thing to do, but some people need to be called out.

We all have those friends that don't want us to get a lot of likes. Jealous haters.

Step 17: When/If your picture hits 100 likes, you feel like you're the hottest, most popular, badass bitch...

Via're not.

But on the outside you pretend like you didn't even notice or care...just to look THAT much cooler.

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