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    These Are Some Of The Highest-Rated Water Bottle Cleaning Kits On Amazon

    If you’ve got a filthy water bottle, give it a wash with these brushes and cleaners that start at just $10.

    At this point, you probably have an entire cabinet full of reusable water bottles, tumblers and insulated cups. And while it’s great to stay hydrated and skip single-use plastics, it can be challenging to fully clean your reusable vessels. Whether they’re long, tapered, twist-off or hold a straw, these containers can have nooks and crevices that need to get scrubbed.

    A triple brush set, six-piece brush set and cactus brush set

    1. An editor-beloved set of sponge-topped brushes

    the brush washing out a cup

    2. A three-piece stainless steel cleaning set

    the brush set on a counter

    3. A set of six brushes with all sorts of gadgets

    the brush set

    4. An Owala two-in-one brush for Owala bottles and others

    the Owala brush set

    5. An adorable cactus brush set for baby bottles and more

    the cactus brush set in and out of its storage container

    6. A 15-inch brush with a stainless steel handle

    the brush aside its packaging

    7. An OXO set with a comfy hand grip

    brush being used to scrub a water bottle in a sink

    8. A three-piece set with a handy stand

    the set in its stand

    9. A five-piece brush set for all types of bottles

    the set