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    Sur La Table's End-Of-Year Sale Is Here To Heat Up Your Cooking Game

    A stovetop smoker, a personal blender, an egg-poaching pan...these are what culinary dreams are made of.

    Aspiring chefs, rejoice! Sur La Table is having an end-of-year sale RN, which means you can score up to 50% off some pretty stellar cookware.

    Here's a few of the best deals you won't wanna miss:

    1. A classic La Crueset Dutch Oven you can use to make everything from soups to casseroles to one-pot meals.

    2. And a Le Creuset petite cocotte, the perfect vessel for serving soups, ice cream sundaes, or individually baked creations.

    model holding LeCreuset

    3. A stainless-steel All-Clad skillet guaranteed to give you a perfect sear time after time.

    All-Clad stainless steel skillet with brussels sprouts

    4. A personal blender so you can make smoothies without having to dirty the big blender you use for frozen margaritas.

    5. A salt and pepper mill set that allows you to change the coarseness level, which means you can have salt flakes as big as you want 'em.

    electric salt and pepper grinders

    6. A Le Creuset bistro grill because, let's be honest, you still don't know how to use a real grill. This'll be sure to give you those glorious grill marks on whatever it is you're making.

    Le Creuset bistro grill with kabobs on it

    7. A silicone sponge that'll get all your expensive cookware squeaky clean while saving you money from having to buy disposable sponges week after week.

    model using silicone sponge in red to clean a skillet

    8. A paring knife that's sure to become your go-to (and will def make all your other knives jealous).

    paring knife on cutting board next to sliced strawberries

    9. A Zwilling V-edge sharpener that combines the ease of pull-through sharpening with the results of a manual whetstone — aka, you'll never have dull blades again.

    knife sharpener on a cutting board next to two knives

    10. An Emile Henry baker you can use for the two most important meals of the day — cinnamon rolls and lasagna.

    model holding a dish of lasagna

    11. An egg poaching pan because, I'm sorry, who has time to *actually* make poached eggs with a whirlpool and vinegar?? That's so 1800s.

    stainless steel poached egg cooker

    12. A round cheese platter practically begging to be used for that charcuterie board you've been wanting to make (just so you can post a pic of it on Insta).

    round cheese platter with a pizza on it

    13. A stovetop smoker you can use with meats, fish, poultry, and even veggies. Just put your favorite flavor of wood chips in the bottom and you'll be good to go.

    smoker filled with meat and vegetables resting on counter

    And there's SO much more where these came from. Head over to Sur La Table to check out the rest of the sale!

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