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    31 Practical Kitchen Products From Walmart You'll Probably Wish You Bought Sooner

    As Mary Poppins would say, these products are "practically perfect in every way."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Copper Chef Egg Maker that takes away the stress of trying to properly boil, fry or poach your eggs in the morning.


    Promising review: "Best way to hard-boil eggs! This cooker is the easiest, best way to cook hard-boiled eggs. I never have to worry about forgetting them because it shuts off automatically. And if I let them cool completely before peeling, they peel like a dream. Many family members also bought this and are believers now, too." β€”lvmygkids

    Price: $14.88

    2. A garlic saver to keep your garlic looking and smelling fresh for as long as humanly possible.

    Product photo showing 5.7 inch garlic keeper storage container by The Pioneer Woman in baby blue with decorative flowers

    This jar features permeation and a lid to promote airflow, which ultimately extends the life of your cloves while being completely disguised in an adorable, countertop jar.

    Promising review: "This garlic keeper is very spacious as you can see from the photos. There are three holes at the bottom to allow for air flow to keep the garlic fresh. The container has a beautiful flower design on it to compliment any kitchen decor. It is light blue in color. It is made of ceramic, so hand wash it so as to not chip the paint. It says 'fresh garlic' so you know what container it is. I love how it blends into the kitchen but is also practical in use. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a way to keep garlic fresh for longer to get this product." β€”Jasper111

    Price: $10.88

    3. An Instant Pot pressure cooker that makes all of your go-to dishes as easy as a push-of-a-button.

    Product photo of Instant Pot pressure cooker with homemade macaroni and cheese cooking inside it

    Promising review: "The Instant Pot is AMAZING!!!! I have always had a basic slow cooker and when I received this at first I was overwhelmed not knowing how it worked or what to do with each function but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We made our first meal in the instant pot the other day which was ribs and what would normally take 4-6 hours in a slow cooker took only 35 minutes using the meats/stew button on the instant pot and the ribs fell off the bone! I couldn't believe I could have dinner done that quickly! Greatest cooking appliance I have ever had so far." β€”Brazilchick32

    Price: $79

    4. A tea bag organizer so you can actually see all the flavors you've accumulated over the past few months, and stop drinking the same one just because it's the first box you lay eyes on when you open your overstuffed cupboard.

    Product photo of Mind Reader tea bag organizer in white, featuring 6 removable drawers

    Promising review: "It makes my tea bags and accessories soo easily available. It's also great because I have a couple different teas that look just like each other. Now I can tell which one I am getting. I just have to decide if I want it on a shelf or on the wall." β€”Tamra

    Price: $15.27 (available in three colors)

    5. A nonstick wok from the BuzzFeed Tasty collection that features a silicone helping handle and is just as easy to clean as it is to use.

    Product photo showing Tasty carbon steel 14'' non-stick wok with helper handle in blue

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful wok! The turquoise color is gorgeous! It is a lot larger than it appeared to me, and I love that. You can fit a lot of stir-fry into this Wok. Even though it is larger in size, it's not as heavy as it would appear to be. Looking forward to some stir-fry chicken, and also plan on getting a stir-fry recipe book just for this Wok. I'm very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone." β€”Debbie

    Price: $19.88

    6. A pack of Affresh Disposal Cleaner to keep your garbage disposal free of debris so your kitchen sink won't smell like rotten food anymore.

    Product photo showing Affresh Garbage Disposal Cleaner outer packaging, recommended by Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid

    These easy-to-use tablets remove odor-causing residues with a powerful scrubbing-action foam.

    Promising review: "I have bought many boxes of these, they work so well. The way I get the best use out of them is to simply turn the water pressure to almost droplets, you want to maintain a constant stream but just enough to keep it flowing, the less water it will foam more and clean more, the more water, the faster it will flush it down the drain!" β€”Donald

    Price: $2.38

    7. A set of silicone baking mats that replace the need for oil, butter, or sprays to prevent your confections from sticking to your sheet trays.

    Product photo showing Last Confection Silicone Baking sheets on a sheet pan with cookies

    They're also more eco-friendly than parchment paper or tin foil.

    Promising review: "Amazing! I don't even use aluminum foil or wax paper to cook on anymore. Nothing sticks to it. I should have bought this years ago." β€”Lhea

    Price: $9.99

    8. Counter gap fillers to prevent grease, food and liquid spills from getting into the great void that is the space between your oven and your cupboards.

    Photo showing Evelots stove counter gap filler preventing a bottle of spilled cocktail sauce from dripping in between the stove and cabinets

    They can easily be trimmed to fit wherever you choose to use them.

    Promising review: "These are very nice looking. We trimmed them to fit. I would buy again. Price was very good compared to others." β€”Goodshopper111

    Price: $7.99

    9. A vegetable slicing guide that'll help you perfectly slice an onion without running the risk of slicing a finger.

    Product photo showing person using the tomato/onion vegetable slicer with a kitchen knife to evenly slice a red onion on a cutting board

    The prongs hold the onion in place while also acting as a guide for even slices. Works great with tomatoes and cheese, too!

    Promising review: "I've cut my fingers many times when slicing onions and tomatoes. This cutting aid keeps my fingers away from the sharp edge of the knife. I love it." β€”Cananna

    Price: $7.47

    10. An electric milk frother to make delicious lattes and cappuccinos from the comfort of your kitchen.

    Product photo showing 1byone Milk Frother next to a mug of frothed milk

    It also works great for mixing hot chocolate or matcha powder!

    Promising review: "Small enough to fit in my kitchen drawer. Great power for this little gadget. Batteries were included. Nice product." β€”May

    Price: $11.99

    11. A handy Snap N Strain that clips onto any size pot or kettle to make straining and rinsing truly a one-pot job.

    Product photo showing Snap N Strain clip on silicone strainer being used to strain cooked pasta

    It's BPA free and dishwasher safe, too.

    Promising review: "I cannot say enough good about this strainer. It fits all my pots from small to huge, even frying pans! I have strainers, colanders, every kind of lid converter...........This strainer is the best ever. Washes up like a dream, or toss in the dishwasher. I do not know how I lived without this strainer. Now I can get rid of probably 20 items in my kitchen!" β€”Chloe

    Price: $10.68 (available in three colors)

    12. An over-the-sink dish-drying rack to maximize space in your tiny, dishwasher-less apartment.

    Product photo of over sink dish drying rack featuring plate and bowl rack, pegs for drying cups and hanging kitchen utensils, and a shelf for dish cleaning products

    Promising review: "I love this! I now have counter space that was formerly used to drain dishes and we can use our counter again. Have already told several people how to buy this." β€”Ruth

    Price: $72.99

    13. An instant-read thermometer that takes all the guesswork out of trying to cook meat or fish to a delicious, safe-to-eat temperature.

    Product photo showing the ThermoPro instant read thermometer being inserted into a pork chop on the grill, showing an internal temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit

    Promising review: "This digital thermometer is easy to use and very accurate. It's easy to figure out how to use as well. Just push the top button to extend the probe out and use the on off button to power it up. It takes one AAA battery. It's very lightweight and folds up nicely and fits in my drawer very well. I didn't have any trouble figuring out how to use it the very first time. It worked great for me when I was making yogurt. You can also switch it from Celsius to Fahrenheit very easily." β€”Lsp0604

    Price: $13.99

    14. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend to keep your knives, porcelain sinks, and greasy pans in tiptop condition.

    Product photo showing Bar Keepers Friend all-purpose cleanser outer packaging

    Promising review: "I had old yellowed stains on my porcelain kitchen sink that I assumed would be there for good. Sprinkled Bar Keepers and let sit for about five minutes. So I scrubbed with regular pressure and all stains came off to my delight. Porcelain is now all white. Not bad for a really old sink (decades old)." β€”cristina

    Price: $13.19

    15. A cold-brew maker so you can save some pennies and not have to worry about a barista judging you for your iced-coffee passion anymore.

    Product photo showing Bodum cold brew maker in white filled with fresh cold-brewed coffee

    Promising review: "I love cold brew iced coffee. Paid for itself in a few days of not going to the coffee chain. Easy to make just add coffee, fill with water, and put on lid. Set overnight in refrigerator, press and pour. Makes about three large glasses." β€”David

    Price: $12.88+ (available in two colors)

    16. A bamboo cutting board with color-coded cutting mats that make clean-up easy and help prevent cross-contamination.

    Product photo showing bamboo cutting board with 7 color-coded cutting mats, with the poultry mat being used on the bamboo cutting board to slice chicken

    Promising review: "I love it. The plastic boards stay in place. Everything stores nicely. The wooden board is cute and looks nice on the counter." β€”Yesy

    Price: $24.77

    17. A microwave pasta cooker because some of us seriously are too culinarily challenged to even boil a pot of water.

    Product photo showing microwave pasta cooker

    Promising review: "No more big pots of boiling water. This is one of my favorite kitchen items. So easy and quick. Put in the pasta, add water and put it in the microwave for about 20 minutes (depending how many servings you are cooking). Just bought two for relatives who like the concept." β€”Jake

    Price: $12.99

    18. A pair of meat shredders sure to come in handy for your upcoming Labor Day BBQ.

    Product photos showing the BBQ Meat Handler Forks being used to hold a watermelon in place while slicing it as well as shredding a roasted chicken

    Promising review: "I use these to shred chicken and love it!! Makes it soo much easier and faster. Price was great! They're plastic but thick and sturdy. Soo happy with them." β€”Jellybean

    Price: $6.99

    19. A set of air-tight containers so you can beautifully display your pastas, flour, legumes, and spices as a form of decoration rather than having them take up unnecessary space in your already-tiny cabinets.

    Product photo showing Estilo glass canisters of various sizes filled with pasta, beans, and lentils

    Promising review: "I like the fact that this glass canister set is very spacious and holds a lot of whatever you choose to store in them. The spice jar set is an added bonus! Overall I am very pleased with this purchase!" β€”Luv2shop

    Price: $25.99

    20. A handheld chopper that makes cooking things like frozen ground beef and vegetables easier than ever.

    Product photo showing the ChopStir being used to break up ground beef cooking in a pan

    Price: $9

    21. A pair of sink strainers to catch any food, hair, or silverware from accidentally falling down your drain. Especially useful if you don't have a garbage disposal!

    Product photo showing kitchen sink strainers

    Promising review: "Extra wide lip makes this more attractive. also seems to angle down to fit the drain as well as possible. The flat bottom of the screen makes it easier to clean." β€”sp12345

    Price: $7.99

    22. A meal planner so you can make an effective grocery list and not buy a bunch of stuff you're never going to get around to actually eating.

    Product photo showing Bloom Daily Meal Planner

    Price: $9.95

    23. A StoveShelf designed to keep all those spices and oils you already leave on top of your stove from falling off.

    Product photo showing the stainless steel Stove Shelf above a stove with spices, salt and pepper, and olive oil resting on it

    Promising review: "You will love it! Took it out of the box and placed it on top of my stove and it was done. Looks like part of my stove and now I have a spot to put my most frequently used spices. Couldn't believe how secure those two strips on the bottom hold the shelf to my stove." β€”Werner

    Price: $39.99

    24. An adjustable measuring cup that'll allow you to get rid of all those mismatched measuring cups you've got stuffed in your drawers.

    Product photo showing Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Adjustable Measuring Cup pouring a liquid out

    This also makes it super easy to measure thick liquids like corn syrup or honey because you can just push them right out using the adjustable base.

    Price: $13.10

    25. A ProMist microfiber spray mop designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria and uses an eco-friendly, machine-washable microfiber pad.

    Product photo showing model using the O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop to clean up a spilled liquid

    Promising review: "The O cedar Pro Mist Max spray mop is my favorite by far. First off the cleaning head is at 15-1/2 inches wide and approximately 6 inches deep, so it cleans a much larger area in just one pass than the others that I have used. The head flips over so you can use both sides of the pad and the best of all is you use your own household cleaner diluted with water so there is no special solution or pads to purchase later. Machine-washable pad really does grab and hold grime and dirt very well and is very absorbent. Fast and easy to use. Great product." β€”GoodCop

    Price: $19.98

    26. An over-the-cupboard garbage bag holder that makes disposing of your food scraps and kitchen waste less of a headache.

    Product photo showing a person sliding vegetable scraps into the plastic bag holder attached to a cupboard door just below the countertop

    Price: $10.98

    27. A magnetic knife bar to conveniently store your knives without having to take up space in your drawers or on your countertop.

    Product photo showing 15-inch magnetic knife holder with four knives attached to it

    Promising review: "Easy to install, very clean and neat-looking on the wall, and frees up drawer space and keeps knives out of reach of children! Great product for the price and for the home chef in your life!!" β€”k2smomma

    Price: $16.99

    28. A Tub O' Towels specifically designed for granite and marble kitchen countertops that can clean up after even the messiest of chefs.


    Price: $14.55

    29. A SpillStopper so you can go back to simultaneously cooking dinner and scrolling Instagram without having to worry about your pasta water boiling over and making a mess.

    Product photo showing the SpillStopper in green preventing boiling water from spilling over the edge of a pot onto the stovetop

    Price: $25.78

    30. A cutlery-cleaning brush that makes cleaning your knives a little less hazardous.

    Product photo showing a model using the Joseph Joseph BladeBrush to clean a large kitchen knife

    Promising review: "The safest way to clean knives and the best way to clean cutlery, especially forks and slotted spoons. Also ideal for cleaning the edges of storage container lids." β€”Giannoula

    Price: $9.99

    31. And a dishwasher magnet to eliminate any and all confusion about the state of your dishes once and for all.

    A Dirty/Clean magnet that sticks to the dishwasher

    Price: $3.99

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