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Start’em Sit’em Week 2

Most sites recycle imaginary fantasy numbers with yards and touchdowns and quick blurbs on how great Drew Brees or Adrian Peterson is going to do, but you already know that. We here at Gridiron Experts are not about to insult your fantasy football intelligence by posting the obvious numbers, instead we go out on a limb and try spotting great fantasy match-ups that many people might be overlooking. Star players will always perform, but key players can thrive in one week situations through either an offensive game plan or an excellent match-up. Our goal is to zone in on these perfect match-ups and offer advice that might make your life a little easier. It always comes down to you making the last minute call with your line-up, but hopefully we can help. Start’em Donald Driver vs. The Bengals The last thing we all remember from the Sunday night game between the Bears and Packers was Aaron Rodgers throwing a 50 yard bomb pass to Jennings to wrap things up. What some may forget was the out of sync rhythm between Rodgers and his receivers. The Packers know this, Rodgers had mentioned it right away in his post game interview and wil

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