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    A Mini-Direwolf Reacts To Game Of Thrones, Episode 8


    1. Plz help Arya, Lady Crane!

    2. Whoa! The Hound is definitely back!

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    And he's putting his axe skills to use...

    3. Okkkaayyy it's definitely time to look away now...

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    will someone please tell me when the Mountain is done yanking that guy's head off?

    4. Oh Pod you dummy, why would you let someone sneak up on you like that!

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    Buuut it's just Bronn and I'm pretty sure this is all about comic relief, so we're good!

    5. Blah blah blah. Just figure your shit out, guys!

    Instagram: @greywolf.blackfox

    so much tension, Brienne & Jamie, so much tension...

    6. Ugh, Brienne is totally bombing this!

    7. No trial by combat? GAME CHANGER. Cersei, you're screwed.

    8. Feels weird to realize that this may be the first time we've seen Missandei laugh...

    9. Guys, are we sure Greyworm and Missandei can't have babies?

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    Just look at how he's looking at her! THE WORLD NEEDS THOSE BABIES!

    10. They're actually lowering the draw bridge? so.much.stupidity.

    11. Edmure, you spinless douche! I wish the Freys cut your throat when they threatened to!

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    12. The Blackfish is going to die, isn't he?

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    This show makes me so sad sometimes! Er, most times... or is it really almost all of the time? Wow.... how masochistic am I?

    13. Guys guys! Dany's back!

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    Although this plotline feels a little anticlimatic... walking through the doorway is exciting and all, but come on...

    14. I'm willing to bet 5 treats says the Hound hacks 'em up anyways. You down?

    15. Ugh that was a short-lived escape from the Many-Faced-God craycrays

    16. ohhh godd noooo! so much Ayra blood!

    17. Arya won! Now... does that mean Nymeria gets to come back?

    Instagram: @greywolf.blackfox

    Plz HBO? Pretty pretty please?