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12 Things You Need To Do In Buenos Aires

Once you experience these Argentine gems, you'll never want to leave.

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2. Eat empanadas

Empanadas are God's golden gifts to the world. They're basically pockets of crispy dough filled with meat, cheese or veggies, and you'll probably cry the first time you eat one.

3. Go to a mind-blowing drum show

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La Bomba Tiempo is a Brazilian percussion group that performs every Monday night at a cultural center called Konex. These guys make red jump suits look badass.


5. Stay out all night

Buenos Aires is a city for night owls. Argentines eat dinner around 10 p.m., don't go out until 2 a.m. and usually come home when the sun comes up. Here's a great list of all the best nightclubs (boliches).

6. Join a soccer league


If you're looking to make some local friends in BA, joining a soccer (fútbol) league is the best way to do it. Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos (BAFA) attracts people from all over the world and from every level of play.


8. See Fuerza Bruta


This nationally known performance art group is a must-see in Buenos Aires. Just know that you might be hugged, slightly misted and danced with. It's an amazing visual and interactive experience.


9. Practice your spanish at a bar

Via Facebook: MUNDOLINGO

Speaking spanish is a lot easier after having a few drinks. Mundo Lingo hosts events at bars around the city and encourages people to socialize while developing language skills.

10. Go to an asado

Welcome to beef heaven. If you're a meat-lover, you'll probably cry at your first asado, where Argentines cook various types of beef on a huge grill called a parilla.

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