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    10 Things You Can Do To Help Venezuela During The Humanitarian Crisis

    The country has been protesting for over a month. Here's what you can do to help.

    Since April, Venezuelans have been on the streets protesting and rioting against the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro, demanding that general elections take place.

    Federico Parra / AFP / Getty Images
    Federico Parra / AFP / Getty Images

    So far, there have been 50 deaths during protests held by the Venezuelan opposition.

    If you'd like to help the people of Venezuela, here are 10 ways to do it:

    1. Donate water and food to the people who are on the streets protesting.

    Feed the Protest is a group in charge of giving water and food to Venezuelans who have decided to take to the streets and protest.

    You can help here.

    2. Donate supplies to Central University of Venezuela medical students, who are treating the injured.

    @primerosauxiliosucv / Via

    This is a list of the first-aid supplies that are needed by Green Cross members (UCV First Aid). Supplies can be bought through Amazon and you have the choice to ship the products directly to Miami, from where, at no additional cost, the packages are shipped to Venezuela.

    To donate, go here.

    Keep up-to-date on new ways to help, follow the group's official accounts:

    Instagram: @primerosauxiliosucv

    Twitter: @PA_UCV

    Facebook: PrimerosAuxiliosUCV

    3. If you're in Barcelona, this is another way to help Primeros Auxilios UCV.

    4. Collaborate with Blue Helmets, a Venezuelan non-governmental organization dedicated to humanitarian first aid.

    @cascosazulesve / Via

    Blue Helmet is a group of health professionals who can be identified in the protests by the blue helmets they wear. They provide immediate primary care to the injured. (They are not related to the United Nations peace corps).

    They constantly organize fundraising campaigns around the world. For information on how to help, go here.

    5. Santuario Luna, a place that helps and protects dozens of abandoned cats and dogs in Venezuela.

    @santuarioluna / Via

    Animals are not exempt from the economic and humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is going through, with more and more pets abandoned each day. They also suffer the effects of tear gas and the bullets shot by the military forces.

    The main mission of Santuario Luna is to help cats and dogs who live on the streets, provide them with veterinary care, feed and stabilize them, and try to find them a permanent home. If now home can be found, they're sheltered for life.

    Any contribution (be it medicine, food, or pet products) are welcomed. They also have accounts with Banco Bicentenario and Bank of America.


    Instagram: @Santuarioluna

    Facebook: SantuarioLuna

    6. Helmets vs Bombs, an initiative that provides protection for protesters.

    @cascosvsbombas / Via

    "Protecting the heads of the future" is the motto of Helmets Vs. Bombs, which donates helmets painted with the Venezuelan flag to protect protesters.

    They have already reached the maximum donation amount they requested and are giving out free helmets on the streets.

    If you have a helmet in your house that you want to donate, or if you want to contact the group, visit:

    Instagram: @cascosvsbombas

    Twitter: @cascosvsbombas

    Facebook: cascosvsbombas

    7. A call for seamstresses and designers to build anti-impact vests.

    @moymoydesign / Via

    The Venezuelan design brand Moy Moy Design is building and donating vests to help prevent injuries caused by high-impact blows among photographers, reporters, and protesters.

    They are also calling on seamstresses and designers to join the initiative.

    If you have sewing abilities, or you know someone who wants to join the project, here is the pattern to design the vests.

    8. Help feed children affected by the food scarcity crisis.

    9. Sun.Risas, a renowned nonprofit with multiple ways of helping.


    Sun.risas is a nonprofit that helps children around the world. Due to the crisis in Venezuela, they have a tab on their website dedicated to supporting Venezuelans.

    You can donate supplies safely here, contributing $1 via Venmo (info here), or donating money through any of the campaigns that support the organization here.

    You can also follow them on Instagram to learn about their collection campaigns:

    Instagram: @sun.risas

    10. Masks vs Bombs helps buy equipment to protect against tear gas.

    @braulio_jatar / Via

    Masks vs Bombs works on purchasing anti-gas protection.

    Your donation helps buy the masks. You will then receive invoices and details about the shipments to Venezuela (the organization takes care of these).

    You can donate here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.