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30 Things The World Needs To See To Understand How Beautiful Venezuela Really Is

The brave outnumber the cowards.

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4. Josue, a Piaroa indian who traveled from afar to show his support.

@cpaparelli_s / Via

Unfortunately, he got separated from his tribe in the midst of tear gas chaos. Fortunately, he found his way back with the help of photographer Claudia Paparelli.

5. These protesters who left no man behind, even in the most difficult moments.

@oelzer / Via

A group of anti-government protesters were cornered by police forces, but they helped each other to escape.

6. This musician who played the national anthem during a protest in honor of Armando Cañizares, a 17-year-old musician who was killed after being struck in the neck by a tear gas grenade.

Instagram: @hsiciliano

9. This group of people who helped an elderly woman caught in the crossfire get away.

Instagram: @venezuelalucha

13. This lady who suffers from Parkinson disease and could barely speak, but still had a message of support for Venezuelans.

Instagram: @venezuelalucha

19. Deputy Carlos Lozano, who confronted the policemen who robbed two elderly women during a demonstration.

Instagram: @venezuelalucha

20. This young protester who gave an elderly man his gas mask and took him to safety.

Instagram: @elnacionalweb

22. Lilian Tintori, wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, assisting and comforting a protester overwhelmed by tear gas.

Instagram: @liliantintori

23. The women who decorated the National Guard's shields with rosaries as a peace offering.

Instagram: @elnacionalweb

25. This elderly woman who proves there are no excuses not to protest.

Instagram: @elnacionalweb

29. This selfless guy, who gave his lunch to a man looking for food in the trash in order to feed his kid.

Instagram: @elgeorgeharris

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